Victims Welcome

by The Murder Cult

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released January 1, 2016


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The Murder Cult California

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Track Name: That Victim Was Mine
Oh hand of death, how dare you
You had no, fucking right
That person was mine, that victim was mine
To take into, the depths of the night

All I want to do is feel their blood rush over me
Because of you that can never be
You step out of turn, you need to fucking learn
What it’s like to be on the wrong side of me

I wanted to feel their life slip away with my grip round their throat
I’ll never have that now and you fucking gloat
Someone somewhere will have to take their place
you seem to be here at the right time and the right place

I’ll never feel their heart beat it’s last beat
Their soul leaving their body I’ll never see
It’s down to you, it’s down to you
you know what the fuck you have to do
Track Name: Wed the Dead (Extended Mix)
Marked for life, after death
You won’t be able to get a breath
Manipulate and exaserbate
Leaves you filled with blackened hate

When you wed, Wed the dead
Your Blood with shed, from your head
Covered in red, in your bed
When you wed, wed the dead
nothing can be said, until its fed
You’ll be led, into your bed
you’ll be bled, until your dead
When you wed, Wed the dead

You can’t kill, what’s doesn’t live
You can’t take, from what doesn’t give
don’t think you, will have a life
when you take, her for a wife

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